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Red Skies has a reputation for successfully deploying and managing smart city and utility networks to a range of environments from arid dessert to water rich European cities.
Our platforms developed in partnership with the European Commission, utilities, universities and other organisations put services and data under your control.
Unlike other closed systems we protect the privacy and security of your customers while giving you full control and ownership of your data and services!


Utility deployments
in 2015


Million readings
per month from
one typical pilot


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one typical pilot

Working with utilities

around the world


We have running installations across Europe in countries including the Czech Republic, Spain and Portugal. From high frequency meter readings to advanced predictive and management systems.

Examples include the European Commissions UrbanWater platform that uses our SODA big data and service management platform for ambitious smart water networks.

SODA Brochure (English)

UrbanWater website

UrbanWater WIKI


We have agreements with state agencies, companies and organisations across China and wider Asia to supply smart city and utility systems that protect consumers and networks.

We are particularly active in south west China where we work closely with many organisations and cities on the design, deploymnet and operation of smart utility and city networks.

SODA Brochure (Chinese)

News including Asia updates

Other countries

We work with partners in the Middle East, South America and other regions to supply our products and services where ever they are needed, bringing benefits around the world.

We are always looking for new partners to supply and support our products and services as well as partners to develop their own products and services on top of our SODA platform.

Example Case Studies:

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