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We have a genuine passion and belief that everyone has a right to privacy. This belief runs core to everything we do.

This might seem contradictory for a big data management company but in fact this belief is what distinguishes us from every other provider.

We invest heavily in Research and Development into new privacy and security technologies from running projects with the European Commission into Homomorphic Encryption through to Blockchain technology such as Olympus, Rootstock, Ethereum for anonymising network meter data. We can advise on how to best protect your data and the privacy of your business and your clients. We will never disclose your private data to third parties and will challenge any legal requests for data, destroying data before disclosing it if that's the request of our client.

As well as expertise in designing secure big data systems we have in-house expertise in penetration testing and ethical hacking. Here we provide Read Team services to run war games attacking our own network services to look for potential security threats before the black hats do. Microsoft also runs constant Red Team war games against their Azure data centres ensuring security is baked in at every level from guarding against social engineering attacks to sophisticated digital attacks.


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Protecting your Data,

Services and Privacy

Authentication Systems

We have worked on many security and authentication systems in industries including healthcare, banking and business.

From multi-factor authentication to biometrics, we've worked on many mechanisms to ensure only authorised users get to access your services and data.


The most exciting new technology for privacy has to be blockchain. We are working with several blockchains including Olympus and Ethereum on new projects to help protect user data.

A typical example is using Olympus with our SODA smart utility and city platform to anonymise consumer meter data while making it easy for third parties to access anonymised or de-anonymised data depending on who they are.

Ethical hacking

As well as building secure systems we attack our secure systems to rigorously test for new vulnerabilities.

Foot printing, social engineering, network & port scanning, DoS attacks, session hijacking, wireless attacking, honeypots, physical defences, malware, hardware and software vulnerabilities, cryptography including new mechanisms such as Homomorphic Encryption and many more attack vectors.

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