Red Skies partners with many organisations around the world including universities, government departments, meter manufacturers, utilities and software companies.
We work with hardware manufacturers to ensure our smart city and utility platforms support their hardware, software companies to help them integrate their software products into our smart city and utility platforms and with many other organisations to help them to resell, distribute and use our platforms.


Utility deployments
in 2015


Million readings
per month from
one typical pilot


platform queries
per month from
one typical pilot

Stronger together

with our partners

Utilities, Planners & Users

We have a number of valued partners around the world ranging from some of the worlds largest utilities such as Aqualia to technology companies such as Microsoft who help to market and support our big smart utility and city platforms.

We are always looking for new partners to work with especially in regions where we don't already operate a strong partner network.

Software providers

One of the unique aspects of our smart utility and city platforms over traditional closed platforms is that our platforms enable third parties to integrate their own software systems, providing a new sales channel directly into utilities and cities for software partners.

The strength of our platform comes from the way it enables a wide range of systems to work collaboratively without locking users into any single closed narrowly focussed platform.

Hardware Manufacturers

We work closely with standards bodies and hardware manufacturers to allow our platforms to support as many hardware systems as possible out of the box.

We particularly work closely with meter manufacturers in a symbiotic manner allowing hardware companies to supply a best of breed rich data management and service platform with their hardware while we are able to best range of meters with any installations we are involved in.

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