Red Skies is beginning an initial funding round to raise £1.5 million to allow the business to pursue a number of new opportunities in smart utilities in Asia, Europe and South America. Investment will also be used to further develop our core SODA platform to provide a number of new capabilities requested by the industry.

While the business is profitable and is on track to show our highest profit to date at the end of the current tax year we believe that growth through new investment would allow the business to capitalise on its unique position within the industry as the only neutral and ethical smart utilities and cities technology provider with multiple installations across multiple countries. That capitalisation would allow further development of our products and services and larger deployments in more regions around the world.


Utility deployments
in 2015


Million readings
per month from
one typical pilot


platform queries
per month from
one typical pilot

Pitching at Innoventure

The perfect time

to invest


The business is in track to show a strong profit at the end of the current financial year at the end of March 2016.

We have been able to make pilots profitable as the platform was developed and tested in multiple utilities across Europe and are now moving to next phase of more pilots and pilot growth through to full scale commercial installations.

Projected future profits are very high thanks to the subscription model of the service which adds a very small charge to each reporting device that culminated over tens to hundreds of millions of devices.

Field proven

Our smart utility and city platform has been under development in partnership with utilities, universities, the European Commission and technology companies since December 2012.

Ambitious field trials began in 2015 with very positive results proving the platform works. The platform is managing a broad range of datasets from weather station data to home smart meters including new high frequency meters that report readings every several seconds. This means big data arriving and being processed quickly to power many smart systems from predictive systems to billing services.

Agreements & Partnerships

Since December 2012 we have also been working with industry to develop partnerships, agreements and plans for the platform as it moves to its full commercial roll-out.

We already have many agreements in place with organisations such as government departments in Asia, meter manufacturers, regulators, utilities, research bodies and technology companies such as Microsoft who are working with us to roll-out and support ambitious deployments around the world.

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