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A successful smart city or utility entails more than just technology, it entails expertise in many disciplines from security systems to big data and transaction software engineering.
That's why we provide consultancy and software development services on top of our smart city and utility systems to ensure we deliver a solution that fits your exact needs with the follow up expertise to run and support the resulting system effectively.

Unlike the large bodyshop consultancies that you will be most familiar with we don't use our brand name to charge you extortionate rates while supplying inexperienced engineers, we charge fair rates and provide the engineers who developed your platform ensuring you get the best service at the best price.
Whether you need a single component developed for our SODA platform or you want us to take on the work of designing, developing, hosting and supporting your complete smart network, we have the experience and capabilities to deliver.

As well as smart city and utility networks we also provide software development and consultancy services across multiple industries. A smart city encompasses all areas of life and so we have worked on many enterprise class systems in many domains with some short samples provided below.


Utility deployments
in 2015


Million readings
per month from
one typical pilot


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one typical pilot

Working across Smart City

sectors including...


From ASEM Water in China to the European Commission, we are trusted to design, develop, deploy and support some of the worlds most advanced smart utility networks.

We have expertise to help you with your next generation utility network systems.

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Our expertise in big data and high transaction systems extends into the worlds stock market trading systems.

We have worked with organisations such as Deutche Borse and the German Stock Exchange on systems to report global trading to regulators.

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We have worked with on the design and development of big media delivery systems for all the film studios including Disney and Universal to deliver movies to cinemas around the world.

Reliably delivering so many Digital Cinema packages globally places extreme demands on IT infrastructure.

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